Childrens Dentistry

We believe that children should develop healthy relationships at the dentist as early as possible

We aim to make the experience inviting and fun. Our dental therapist has particular training in how to communicate with children to educate and encourage oral health awareness, as a such therapists are the primary practitioners involved in assessing and treating dental disease in our child and adolescent patients.

Preventive Dentistry also believes in making dental care accessible as many members of the community as possible. Therefore we accept and bulk bill all eligible children and adolescents under the Child Dental Benefits Scheme. Your child may be eligible if:

They are aged 0 to 17

They are eligible for Medicare


Get or be part of a family getting certain Australian government payments.

If you are unsure of your entitlement status, call us and our friendly reception team will check for you.

Many of the private health insurance companies that we are recognised providers for offer “gap-free” preventive dental care for members under the age of 25, this will depend on your level of coverage and you can call your insurance company for more information.

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